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Distance Education

The Distance Education Modules that provide university training in distance education have been available in Blackboard since January 2012.  The modules were approved by the Faculty Senate and the Chancellor and are a requirement for faculty teaching one or more distance education (DE) courses at ECU.  Under the leadership of the Distance Education and Learning Technology Committee (a Faculty Senate committee) the DE Modules have been updated and moved into Cornerstone, ECU’s employee training system.  The Distance Education and Learning Technology committee will continue to review and update content as necessary.  If you need to complete the DE Modules in Cornerstone, please see Getting Started with the DE Modules.


The DE Modules Curriculum contains learning modules designed to provide timely and useful information to assist instructors in building and organizing a high-quality and technology-enriched online course. For your convenience, you can access the DE Modules content by clicking on the course titles in the menu on the right.  Throughout the DE Modules, all content links have been designed to open in a new window so that you don’t leave the module entirely.  Please check your browser to make sure that you do not have pop-up windows blocked.  IMPORTANT: If you need to take the DE Modules as a requirement for teaching DE, please access the DE Modules Curriculum in Cornerstone.

If you have question or need additional assistance understanding concepts, instructions, or other parts of the instructional activities and content, please contact your college’s Distributed IT support or Instructional Technology Consultant.